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Professional Diploma in Videogame Programming

Professional Diploma in Videogame Programming

Course Overview
Professional Diploma in Videogame Programming is designed for those who are interested in videogame programming and would like a career in videogame programming.
This course is designed with the help of actual videogame industry professionals. The course is intended to give the students a comprehensive foundation in the practical skills required to produce next generation game. Students will get the opportunity to work on a commercial videogame for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC during their Videogame Project.
As a result, students will be able to build a fundamental knowledges and skills of videogame programming and create a videogame by own self as well.

Course Professional Diploma in Videogame Programming
Intake April, August & December
Duration of Study 1) Full Time - 12 Months (Maximum 18 Months)
2) Part Time - 18 Months (Maximum 36 Months)
Mode of Study 1) Full Time - Monday to Friday except Public Holiday
2) Part Time - Saturday except Public Holiday
Certificate Body British Videogame Academy, UK
Entry Requirement
-          18 years old and above
-          Preferably SPM/UEC: English, Science & Math. pass
Learning Outline

Semester 1
Objective: Students will learn by example the following topics while developing some portions of a first-person shooter game, the full game will be achieved during semester 3.
  1. Introduction to Unity and Visual Studio
  1. Unity Basic Workflow
  1. Game objects / Persons/ Components
  1. Camera, Rendering, Lighting, Baking and Occlusion
  1. 3D Space VS 2D Space
  1. Introduction to 3D Physics
  1. Animation and Animator
  1. Introduction Scripting
  1. Loops and Logical Flow Control
  1. Data Structures, Object Oriented Design Patterns, Unity events, Triggers, Scriptable, Collision Detection, Coroutines and Data Save/ Load
  1. First Semester Project
Semester 2
Objective: students will learn how to develop a replica of a hit game via the understanding of 2D space physics and programming. (Basic)
  1. Sprite and Sprite Editor
  1. Atlases and Size Compression
  1. Engineering Custom 2D Physics and Types of Respective Events
  1. Unity Input, Keyboard and Mobile Touches
  1. Player Points System and Level of Experience
  1. Object Pooling and Dynamic Obstacle Generation
  1. Unity UI Creation and Multiple Screen Resolution
  1. Unity UI Non-Programmatic Events
  1. Scene Loading with Persistent Game object
  1. Random Generation of Game Component
  1. Second Semester Project
Semester 3
Objective: Student will learn how to develop a replica of a hit game via the understanding of 2D space physics and programming. (Advanced)
  1. Unity AI and Agents
  1. Unity Action Camera
  1. Player Inventory
  1. Player Health
  1. Enemy Health and Attack-Defend AI
  1. Unity Machine Learning
  1. Introduction to Unity FPS Multiplayer
  1. Dedicated Server
  1. Introduction to Profiling
  1. Advanced Profiling
  1. Third Semester Project
Career Prospect
Game Content Programmer
Game Tools Programmer
Game Sound and Audio Programmer
Graphics Programmer
Game Developer


Diploma in Videogame Programming


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