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Business Licensing

Our IT Courses have trained and transformed many dropouts and academically no good students to become IT support professionals from certificate level up to advanced diploma level. In order to let our courses broadly and widely be conducted every corner in our nation even oversea, we invite those are interested in educational business to join us to promote these IT courses everywhere in our country. We offer tools and training to help you start your own education business, but at a lower cost and with fewer restrictions than a franchise.

Ten (10) Great Benefits

  1. Low business licensing fee with two (2) years contract.
  2. Low royalty fee per student.
  3. Seven (7) years successful business model can be duplicated or used it as a reference.
  4. Complete business training is provided
  5. Proven training material is provided
  6. Marketing and sales material are provided.
  7. Cooperative marketing is provided such as newspaper advertisement, webpage and facebook.
  8. On-line interactive exam system is provided to monitor and administer student's exams efficiently.
  9. Training material can be purchased outright after two years contract expiration with the price of RM10000.
  10. Environmental friendly education system (Go Green System).
  1. Contract of the business licensing is two (2) years.
  2. Third year renewal fee is RM10000 (Ringgit Malaysia Ten Thousand).
  3. Licensing fee of RM80000 (Ringgit Malaysia Eighty Thousand) is inclusive of the following training and services:
    1. Training
      • Train an IT trainer to conduct our thirteen (13) subjects of the Diploma in IT support.
      • Provide sales and marketing training for two (2) sales personnel only.
      • Provide training on course management and administration for two (2) persons only.
    2. Services
    3. Provide online examination
    4. Course upgrade (once a year)
    5. Advertisement on newspaper (once a month on nationwide)
    6. On-line marketing on our webpage and facebook.
  4. Royalty fee of RM4000 (Ringgit Malaysia Four Thousand) per student is inclusive of
    the following services:
    1. GULL (Global University for Lifelong Learning), USA registration fee
    2. Online examination fee for 3 times
      • Evaluation test
      • Trial exam
      • Final exam
    3. Final Verification
  5. Royalty fee of RM4000 will be increased according to the increase rate of GULL, USA (letter of rate increased will be provided by GULL as a proof) within the period of contract.
  6. Third year royalty fee will be increased in the range of 5% to 10%.
  7. Outright purchase of training material upon expiration of contract is 
    RM10,000 (Ringgit Malaysia Ten Thousand).
The above information will be changed without prior notice.

For more details, please call Stephen, mobile: 012-3537611

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