Prof. Diploma in Software Engineering (Programming)

Professional Diploma In Software Engineering (Programming)

Professional Diploma in Software Engineering

Course Overview
This program is for those who would like to embark on a career path towards becoming a Programmer, Software Engineer, Software Developer, System Tester, Database Administrator, and IT Support Personnel.

The purpose of this course is to serve as an introduction to the world of Software Engineering.
It caters to individuals seeking to add software development knowledge and skills to their current IT role. It is designed for those who are interested or are just starting out in software development, as well as IT Personnel who wish to demonstrate their software engineering expertise.

One will learn about the fundamental concepts, key terms, theories, and practical usage of software development-related tools and apply the knowledge and skills in developing software. 

Individuals who do not have programming experience but are interested in software development can benefit from this by demonstrating their software engineering skills and knowledge.

This will allow the individual to contribute specialized skills to an IT team and benefit from this by aligning their work with software-related projects.

This knowledge can be applied to on-the-job experiences that help develop competencies in the practice of software development.

Course Professional Diploma in Software Engineering
Intake 1) Full Time - January, February
2) Part-Time - January, March
Duration of Study
1) Full Time - 14 Months (Maximum 20 Months)
2) Part-Time - 12 - 18 Months (Maximum 24 Months)
Mode of Study 1) Full Time - Monday to Friday except for Public Holidays
2) Part-Time – Wednesday and Friday except for Public Holidays (Maximum 24 Months)
Certificate Body Global University for Lifelong Learning (GULL), USA
Module Package 1) Basic - 15 Course modules
2) Standard - 15 Course modules + 3 Elective modules
Entry Requirement
  • 16 years old and above
  • Mathematics, Science & English MUST pass on PT3, SPM, UEC, or equivalent levels.***
  • ***The students who fail or are without SPM or UEC but have a passion for programming will be allowed to join in and be under observation. These observations will be done during the 3rd and 4th subjects.
Course Modules
  1. Soft Skill I: Research and Project Documentation Skill
  2. Soft Skill II: Presentation Skill 
  3. Web Application Fundamentals - HTML, C#, MySQL
  4. C# Programming
  5. Web Application Design I - HTML5 & CSS3
  6. Relational Database Management System RDBMS -  MySQL
  7. Web Application Design III - JavaScript and jQuery
  8. Web Application Design II - Bootstrap CSS Framework
  9. System Analysis and Design
  10. Android Application Development - Kotlin
  11. Object Oriented Programming - C#
  12. Application Development I - OOP, C# and MySQL
  13. Advanced Web Application Design - PHP and MySQL
  14. Interview Training Program
  15. Software Project
Elective Modules
1. IT Support Fundamental
2. Computer Network Configuration & Troubleshoot
3. Computer Server Installation & Configuration

Career Prospects
Computer Programmer
Web Developer
Software Engineering
Mobile Application Developer
System Developer

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