Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Study requirements

English is indeed crucial in the field of science and technology. The students in our college are not very well-defined in English, but 95% of our college students are Chinese, and the lecturer can also speak in Mandarin. So there are more towards in Chinese culture. The primary language of the lecturer in the class is English, which is necessary for science and technology. However, if students have any questions, they can directly ask questions in mandarin. As for homework, much learning is based on skills, while theoretical teaching will be reduced. This is another blessing for students with poor English.
Our teaching guideline is suitable for all ages. However, due to 15 years old students' mindset is not mature. Therefore we will recommend students attend our trial class so that we can have a mutual understanding.

It is pretty challenging to persuade a parent/guardian to allow the student to quit secondary school. Thus, we must let parents and students understand our course and teaching methodology clearly. Parents do not need to worry about students studying in SBIT.

Payment Details

The 22 sets of IT Support skills provided by SBIT Training Academy have a market value of about RM61,700. However, currently, you only need to apply for the course fee that is 65%-70% lower than the market price to our well-designed and with a high success rate of Professional Diploma in IT Support. Did you know our SBIT Training Academy is not a profit-making educational institution but an IT Training Academy focusing on students' substantial education?

The courses offered by our college are value-for-money, and are high-end and specially designed for young people who don't like to endorse. In addition, there are a variety of different payment methods.

Therefore, the course fee will be more flexible. To let you know more about our course fees, we hope you can attend our 【Online Course Introduction】 to get the most accurate course fees. Not only that, but you can also get up to RM4500 course fees rebate. For 【Online Course Introduction】you may contact our Cheif Course Counsellor @ 012- 353 7637.
The 16 sets of Software Engineering skills provided by SBIT Training Academy have a market value of about RM50,300. However, you only need to apply for the course fee that is 60%-65% lower than the market price to our well-designed and with a high success rate of Professional Diploma in Software Engineering. Our SBIT Training Academy is not a profit-making educational institution but an IT Training Academy focusing on students' substantial education.

The courses offered by our college are value-for-money, and are high-end and specially designed for young people who don't like to endorse. In addition, there are a variety of different payment methods.

Therefore, the course fee will be more flexible. To let you know more about our course fees, we hope you can attend our 【Online Course Introduction】 to get the most accurate course fees. Not only that, but you can also get up to RM4500 course fees rebate. For 【Online Course Introduction】you may contact our Cheif Course Counsellor @ 012- 353 7637.
Whether you are rich or poor, whether your academic results are good or bad, SBIT Training Academy will find ways to help you. If you face problems with course fees, don't worry, because our payment method is very flexible:

Option A: You can pay at one time and save more.
Option B: You can pay in monthly instalments (7, 12 and 18 months)
Option C: Maybe some of the parents are facing salary deduction or lost their job during MCO, and they cannot spend so much course fee for the time being. It caused them couldn't make decisions. However, we can handle your payment method flexibly. You can register first, make a minimum payment between RM500 to RM1000, and choose a 7-month instalment after the epidemic gets better. Besides, you can also enjoy the same course fees rebate.
Option D: You can apply for the love loan provided by our SBIT.

Terms and conditions apply.
We had provided the Love Loan. However, this Love Loan is not under the government or any organization. Our college provides it to our full-time study students where it is for them are in needed and aged from 17 to 21 years old. The love loan is interest-free and did not consider previous academic results. If it does not meet the above requirement, we can offer you a low-interest instalment plan. For example, 18, 24, 30 & 36 months installment.

We always treat our students equally and never categorize our student. SBIT's door is always open for the students as we never take their previous academy results or family financial background into consideration. Over the years, our students can start working after completing their one year course. Some of our fresh graduate students can even get a high pay salary of up to RM2,600 or above. Thus, we are confident to offer the love loan to the student. SBIT believes that with the well educated under SBIT, students can pay the course fee in the future. Therefore, we always accepted our students confidently when we offered love loans to them. Apart from that, SBIT's love loan is interest-free if the payment is fully made within five years.

Terms and conditions applied.


We are not under MQA, and we are under Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK).

In Malaysia, the education system can be divided into two categories. The first is the traditional system that we are familiar with. We can easily find out that they will focus on theoretical teaching in the market. MQA is the norm of such universities to formulate the content of the class. The second is a vocational education promoted and managed by the Malaysian Skills Development (JPK) Authority, led by the Malaysian Human Resources Department (MOHR). SBIT Training Academy is categorized under vocation education. Due to the vocational education content being more flexible and emphasizing skill development, our course is focusing on market demand and life cultivation. Besides, we are advocated dual certification. Our students can obtain their first America IT Diploma and Skills Certificate, which the Malaysian government issued within a year. Apart from that, we also offered part-time or full-time Degree. This is to fulfil different students' needs to obtain a Professional Degree.
SBIT is a vocational college regulated by the Malaysian government like other private universities. However, we advocated Dual Certification so that our student can obtain their first America Diploma and Skills Certificate issued by the Malaysian government in their life within a year. Besides, we also offer full time and part-time Degree courses. This is to fulfil different student needs to obtain a Professional Degree.

Many vocational institutes are established in the market due to the government's strongly promoted. However, most of these institutes have yet been regulated by the government, which could be not secure. The easiest way to differentiate it from a regulated institute is the institute's website. In Malaysia, all officially registered institutes with the government use "" in their website link.

Class Details

Professional Diploma in IT Support's timetable is from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. There are two time-slots for a day and 3 hours for each slot. The morning slot will be theoretical teaching, while the afternoon slot will allow students to do practical exercises or homework. So students can master the skills taught by the lecturer on the same day. At the same time, students must finish their assignments before leaving. In this way, students will more easily prepare for the Mini Project assigned by the lecturer.
The professional Diploma in Software Engineering is from Monday to Thursday, Friday is for Software Project. There are two-time slots for class and 3 hours for a day. The class is from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM or 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Our college will update the student class schedule every week. In addition, our college pays attention to whether students submit homework every day, so students must submit their homework assigned by the lecturer on the same day. Then the student can ask the lecturer about homework that he doesn't understand the next day.
We will use English for teaching. However, 95% of our students are Chinese. Therefore, our culture is more to Chinese culture. If the student has anything not understood, they can ask their lecturer using Mandarin.

Job Placement

Over the year, our lecturer or staff have been doing job placement for the graduate student. Besides job placement, we do have interview training for our students. We have known our students well since the first subject. We do have an oral test for the student. Therefore, the student can well prepare for a future interview. In the future, if students encounter any problems during job hunting, we will assist students and recommend a job for students.
The job opportunities are there but are not 100% guaranteed. Even though we assist students in job placement, the student still has to go through the company interview. Shortlisted or not, it depends on the student's performance.

No worries. Because we arrange students an interview training program before the internship, we will guide students in basic labour law knowledge and have interview role play with the student. With this, getting shortlisted will be higher during the interview.

Privacy Policy

This privacy notice for SBIT Training Sdn Bhd ("SBIT Training Academy," "we," "us," or "our") describes how and why we might collect, store, use, and share ("process") your information when you use our services such as when you:
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In Short: Yes, we will update this notice as necessary to stay compliant with relevant laws.

We may update this privacy notice from time to time. The updated version will be indicated by an updated "Revised" date, and the updated version will be effective as soon as it is accessible. In addition, if we make material changes to this privacy notice, we may notify you by prominently posting a notice of such changes or by directly sending you a notification. Therefore, we encourage you to review this privacy notice frequently to be informed of how we are protecting your information.

If you have questions or comments about this notice, you may email us at or by post to:

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Based on the applicable laws of your country, you may have the right to request access to the personal information we collect from you, change that information, or delete it in some circumstances. To request to review, update, or delete your personal information, please email us at

Refund Policy

Withdrawal from the Academy and Refund Policy
Last updated: 24th March 2022

1. Definition of Withdrawal from the Academy is to withdraw from a course of study pursued in SBIT Training Academy.
2. Students who wish to withdraw from the course must present a formal written letter indicating a reason for withdrawal to the Admin Department. After receiving the formal written letter, the Academy will take five working days to complete the withdrawal process.
3. If you are applying for a withdrawal, it means giving up the course fees package we have designed for you at the same time. Instead, we will charge a single fee for all the subjects you have taken. Again, you can refer to the price list sent to you when you register for the details subject's price.
4. If you are making a full payment, the Academy will refer to the refund amount in the form of: "Total Course Fees - GULL University Registration Fee - Subjects attended." However, suppose you are making the payment in 7, 12, 18-month instalments or love loan program, after deducting the above course fees ("Total Course Fees - GULL University Registration Fee - Subjects attended") if the amount is insufficient. In that case, you need to replenish and pay the remaining amount. The Academy will retain the necessary charges from you.
5. The amount of the course fees refunds will deduct the expenses before applying for withdrawal, including miscellaneous fees (registration fee, student uniform, maintenance fee, student insurance, toolbox) and course fees of the subject that the student went through.
6. Any amount to be refunded will be paid via bank transfer or cheque only and will be refunded in 7 - 21 days, right after the application for withdrawal.
7. The withdrawal that applies after three months from the start of class will be non-refundable.

If you have any questions concerning our refund policy, don't hesitate to contact us at

常见问题 (中文)

本院的Preofessional Diploma 课程是不需要看成绩的,只要学生年龄有16岁以上即可报名。 从我们的教学方针中, 我们希望可以让学生在就读一年后, 就开始投入职场, 累计经验, 毕竟科技的变化是很快的, 所以没有必要用三年的时间坐在班上,向家人做伸手将军。
英文在科技领域确实很重要,但是在我们学院就读的学生,英文能力都不是很标清。但是在我们学院有95%都是华裔学生,而老师部分也能以华语交谈。 所以在文化上, 都富有华人文化。 在班上主要教学语言是使用英文,这是在科技领域里无可避免的。但是如果学生有什么不会的,都可以直接用中文去发问。 至于在功课上有很多都是技能上的学习,理论教学则会减少,这无疑对英文不好的学生来说,可是另一项祝福。
本院的教学方针是合适各年龄层。但基于年龄15岁学生的心智还未成熟,所以我们会建议有关学生预先报读试课班以让彼此都能更了解双方的情况。 我们知道家长要让学生放弃常规的中学教育,是一件很困难的事情, 所以我们必须让家长及学生清楚了解我们的课程及教学法,如此一来家长就能更放心让孩子在SBIT学习。
SBIT Training Academy 所提供的22项专业科技技能,市场价值约RM61,700。 但目前您们只需要以市场价格的 65% - 70% 学费就能报读我们所精心为您设计且拥有很高成功率的 Professional Diploma in IT Support 了。 您知道吗, 我们SBIT Training Academy 绝对不是牟利的教育机构,而是一所切切实实为学生而设的科技技术学院! 本院所提供的课程是超值的,并且是高端及专门为一些不爱死背书的年青人所设计。加上有种种不一样的付款方式, 所以学费的弹性会比较大,为了让您可以更明白我们货真价实的学费,我们希望您可以出席我们的【课程线上介绍会】,以获得最准确的学费清单。 不但如此您还可以获得高达 RM4500 的学杂费回扣。 关于【课程线上介绍会】,您可以联系我们的首席课程顾问 @ 012- 353 7637。
SBIT Training Academy所提供的16项专业科技技能,市场价值约RM50,300, 但目前您们只需要以低过市场60% - 65% 的学费就能报读我们所精心为您设计且拥有很高成功率的Professional Diploma in Software Engineering了。 您知道吗, 我们SBIT Training Academy 绝对不是牟利的教育机构,而是一所切切实实为学生而设的科技技术学院。本院所提供的课程是超值的,并且是高端及专门为一些不爱死背书的年青人所设计。加上有种种不一样的付款方式, 所以学费的弹性会比较大,为了让您可以更明白我们货真价实的学费,我们希望您可以出席我们的【课程线上介绍会】,以获得最准确的学费清单。 不但如此您还可以获得高达 RM4500 的学杂费回扣。 关于【课程线上介绍会】,您可以联系我们的首席课程顾问 @ 012- 353 7637。
SBIT不管您有钱没钱,学业成绩好或坏,我们都会想办法帮助您。如果您在学费上面对问题的话,不用担心,因为我们的付款方式很弹性:选择A:一次过付完,节省更多 | 选择B:可以以每月分期付款 | 选择C:若家长目前他们被老板扣薪或失去工作,暂时给不到那么多学费,更不敢乱乱决定,但是我们这里可以弹性的处理您的付款方式。 怎么说呢,您可以缴交最低付款额: RM500 至 RM1000 之间先报名,并在环境改善后在选择 7 个月或其他付款付款,一样可以获得相对的折扣哦。 | 选择D:可以申请我们的 SBIT所提供的爱心贷款
本院有提供爱心贷款计划。此教育贷款不是属于政府或其他机构。 它是由我们学院为报读我院全职课程及年龄介于17至21岁的清寒子弟所提供。 此贷款免息,特定课程更不看成绩。倘若不符合以上条件,学院可以提供您低息分期付款来交付学费。 比如说18, 24,30个月分期付款交付学费。

在马来西亚,教育体系可被分为两种。 第一就是我们熟悉的传统体系,在市场上,我们可以非常容易发现,他们都会以理论教学为主, MQA就是这类大学的规范来制定每所大学或学院的上课内容,因此学生们必须要拥有一定理想的成绩,才能进入这些学院大学报读。

第二种则是由马来西亚人力资源部(MOHR)所主导,并有由马来西亚技能发展局(JPK)所推广及管理的技职教育。 本院是属于这类型, 由于技职教育课程内容非常生动,加上课程编排重于技能发展,所以我院所开发的课程除了注重市场需求以外, 我们更是着重学生的心生灵培养。

另外我们学院提倡双轨制度教学, 以让我们的学员可以有效的在一年内获取人生中的第一张美国科技技能文凭及由大马政府所颁发的技术证书。不但如此,我们学院更是同时提供Part Time 及 Full Time 的 Degree 课程,以更生动的方式,满足不同学生的需求考取专业学士文凭。
SBIT与很多私立大学一样,是一所受大马政府管制的技职教育学府。但我们学院提倡双轨制度教学, 以让我们的学员可以有效的在一年内获取人生中的第一张美国文凭及由大马政府所颁发的技术证书。不但如此,我们学院更是同时提供 Part Time 及 Full Time 的 Degree 课程,以更生动的方式,满足不同学生的需求考取专业学士文凭。

在市场,由于得到政府的大力鼓吹,琳琅满目的技职学院都建立起来,所以有很多学院都还未获得政府的管制,从而得不到保障。最容易区别的方式就是学院的网址,在马来西亚,所有与政府注册的正式学院都会使用 “”。
Professional Diploma in IT Support 的上课时间是从星期一至星期五的 9:00 a.m. 至 3:30p.m., 共有两堂课。我们会把每天的第一堂课用来导师教学,而下午课则会让学生做实践操练或功课。所以学生在当天就能掌握好导师所教导的技能。 同时学生们也必须把功课做完后才能离开。如此一来,学生们就会更轻松准备老师所指派的 Mini Project。
Professional Diploma in Software Engineering 的上课时间是一星期有4天上课,一天Project。 上课时间则有两个时段,一天一堂课,每堂课3个小时。

第一个时段是 9:00 a.m. 至 12:00 p.m. 而第二个时段则是 1:00p.m. 至 4:00 p.m., 学院会根据老师的时间安排学生的上课时段, 学院会在每星期更新学生上课时间表。另外,学院非常看重学生是否有每日呈交功课,所以学生务必在当天呈交导师所指派的功课。那么学生就能在第二天询问导师自己不明白的功课。
在班上主要教学语言是使用英文。 但是,在我们的学院,98%都是华人,所以在文化上, 都非常有华人文化。 但是如果学生有什么不会的,都可以直接用英文或中文去向导师发问。但由于某些科目会有不同种族的导师指导,所以不能说中文,但导师们都能听懂中文哦 😊
SBIT一路走来,我们的导师或职员都一直为毕业生推荐工作, 我们不仅为学生推荐工作, 我们甚至开班教导学生如何面对各大公司的面试考验。 我们了解我们的学生,到从第一个科目,就要求学生用言语解释或回答老师的问题,如此一来学生就能为将来的面试准备。如果学生在毕业后寻找工作时遇到困难,校方也从中会帮助学生寻找适合的工作,介绍学生工作。

不过我觉得您不需要担心这个问题,因为每当学生即将去实习时,我们都会让我们的学生出席面试培训课程。我们除了会教导学生一些基本劳工法令以外,我们更会与学生操练面试, 如此一来出席大小公司的面试,机会率就很高。还有,现在很多时候在学生还没毕业或出去实习时就已经有公司前来来询问,想聘请我们的学生呢!
我们位于雪兰莪州 (Selangor),Petaling Jaya, Taman Paramount。 学院位位置相当出色,不管是吃,住,交通都非常方便。而且学院附近更是华人旧区,所以美食更是多不胜数。住宅区距离上课地点只需区区的2至5分钟路程就能抵达。交通方面更只需6至9分钟路程,就能抵达地铁站。


We are located in Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. The college location is very convenient, whether food, accommodation or transportation. Moreover, there is an old Chinese district near the college, so there is a lot of delicious food. Residential areas are only 2 to 5 minutes away from the college. In terms of transportation, it only takes 6 to 9 minutes to reach the LRT station.