How to register in IT Support /Software Engineering courses at SBIT⁉️
Very simple, follow the following 4 steps to complete:
✅ Step 1: Call/message our Chief Course Counsellor- Mr Terrance / Ms Stella @012-3537637 and fill in the basic personal information.
✅ Step 2: Watch the introduction video of SBIT and courses so that you can understand our course content in detail.
✅ Step 3: Make an online meeting appointment. We will one-on-one explain your customized payment method.
✅ Step 4: Fill out the registration form and make the first payment.
Done 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
📢 Register now to enjoy up to #RM4000 course fees rebate! There are limited seats! So hurry up and contact our experienced chief course counsellor @ 012- 3537637 to find out which study plan is suitable for you!
New intake dates in 2022 are as follows:
New Intake: 
1. Professional Diploma in #IT #Support   - 【 22/08/2022 】
2. Professional Diploma in #Software #Engineering 
- 【 12/09/2022 】
Don't miss this opportunity!
Please leave a message to our mailbox or WhatsApp at http://bit.ly/2Qfs2e2 for more details!
#ITSupport #SoftwareEngineering

20 Jul 2022