【We change our logo】 - SBIT Training Academy - IT courses in Malaysia

SBIT Training Academy has been in Malaysia for nearly three decades, from teaching students to repair computers in a computer shop to slowly opening this academy to cultivate IT talents. We have always adhered to our original intention to help young Malaysian acquire survival skills. We aim to allow more dropout students, young people who couldn't attend university due to poor SPM results, and even those who gave up because they didn't like the theoretical study mode. So, we let them learn an IT skill in high demand in the market.

In the new logo of SBIT Training Academy, I believe that the first thing you see is undoubtedly this
"dove" soaring upwards.

In ancient times, people used "doves" to convey information. Compared to the present, the field of IT has been continuously advancing, and various communication tools have been invented, just like our academy has been following the footsteps of the times and constantly leading our students to learn the high-demand IT skills in the market.
Our academy has created the teaching method of "skills first, exams later," which is one of the eight (8) methods of originalities of educational systems for "high achievement with easy learning" so that students who don't like memorization can learn and master an IT skill more vividly!

In addition, there is a record related to "doves" in the "Bible," that is, Noah's Ark. This narrates: "Noah released a dove from the ark to find out whether the flood had receded. God sent the dove back with an olive branch in its mouth, indicating that there is still hope in the world." In Christianity, "the dove" symbolizes the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is after Jesus ascended to heaven, the Heavenly Father sent the Holy Spirit of the Trinity God to the world to accompany and help Christians, leading them into God's blessing.

The founder of SBIT is a Christian. He firmly believes that God is with him and the academy. Therefore, students attending SBIT will receive God's favor and blessing. Students will inevitably need help with homework or projects during their studies. In addition to their efforts, they can trust God to help them complete their studies and rely on God to graduate smoothly and enter the workplace to perform what they have learned.
The student's success is like the dove wearing the graduation cap in the logo, with its head held high, confidently soaring in the air, and going towards the goal of life.

In addition, the dove wearing the graduation cap in the new logo means the students' success. The heroic posture of flying upward symbolizes SBIT's mission of "leading education the pioneer of originality."

24 Mar 2023