Advantages of Online Learning

Advantages of Online Learning
“Shall I take my next course online or stick with my “face to face” offline course?”
During Movement Control Order (MCO), Online Learning has been touted as an alternative delivery of education. It is a type of learning practice to uphold students never stop in learning.
Here are some advantages of Online Learning could help you understand more.
  1. Customize learning environment
By studying online, students can choose their own learning environment that works best for their needs. Hence, it allows the students able to participate in the learning sessions from any place while keeping their social distance.
  1. Review course material repeatedly
Students can access their online course materials such as videos in any time or review over and over again when they need it.
  1. Learn new technology
Online courses provide an opportunity to learn new technologies and practicing the use of different type of software.
  1. Develop a great self-discipline and responsibility
Without the commitment to attending physical classes, studying online requires students to learn self-discipline by managing their time and tasks. Because students will spend a lot of time on their own without lecturer physically close to keep them focused on deadlines.
  1. Individualized learning
When students are doing independent, they have more opportunity to adjust how they study based on their learning preferences and proclivities. Online learning can help students harness their strengths and minimize weaknesses. 

17 Apr 2020