Kum Chen Hong

Student Name: Kum Chen Hong 
Graduation Course: Professional Diploma in IT Support
Graduation year: 2016
Employment Company:  TeTentacle SSO Sdn. Bhd. 

First of all, I would like to thank you SBIT and my parents brought me back to the learning track. When I was studying, there was an insurance planner encouraged me to work toward my future dream development. At that time I had a thought, I like computer and technology. Thus, he introduced SBIT to me. I remember I came to SBIT with my sister and after getting to know the course content, I decided to register the course.
Life in SBIT really changes me a lot. The trainer always gave me positive encouragement after every presentation. They always leave the bad point and those which need improvement to the last and guide me. Let me feel that I can do it as well if I put more effort. Hence, my confidence is slowly improving. Thru SBIT’s introduction, currently I have successfully worked with a big company.
Within a year in SBIT, I have changed a lot. Thank you to the trainer for the guidance, and encouragement from my parents. I believed that is SBIT changed me, pulled me back from the side, I also believed that SBIT can help more students.