Soft Skill II: Presentation Skill

Soft Skill II: Presentation Skill

Soft Skill II: Presentation Skill


Presentation Skill

Presentation skills this module helps you to master basic presentation skills, build personal confidence, overcome nervousness, prepare a presentable presentation slideshow and complete a basic presentation within the time given.


Generic Skills Addressed

Understand, and identify the trait of presentation, presentation skill and a presentation slideshow


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand presentation skills such as body language, eye contact etc.
  • Develop a presentable presentation slideshow
  • Able to build confidence by overcoming nervousness
  • Able to complete a 5 minutes presentation


Lesson Outlines

  • Understand about presentation
  • Benefits of using an oral presentation
  • Before you start your presentation
  • How to overcome nervous
  • Develop your presentation skill
  • Prepare a presentable PowerPoint slide
  • Able to provide constructive feedback to others’ presenters and at the same time improve your presentation skill

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