Technical IT Support I: PC Hardware Technology and Assembly

Technical IT Support I: PC Hardware Technology and Assembly

PC Hardware Technology and Assembly

PC hardware technolody and assembly this module help you to master PC assembly skill and understand basic IT hardware technology
Generic Skills Addressed
Understand, identify and successfully assembly a PC hardware to its full working condition

Learning Outcomes
  • Able to understand and identify the various hardware technologies used in a PC including internal and external components and to successfully assembly to its full working condition
  • Able to work out costing sheet for superior or business purpose
  • Able to create quotation for the customers

Lesson Outlines
  • Lesson 1: The Complete PC
  • Lesson 2: Front & Back Panel, PSU
  • Lesson 3: Screws, ESD & Ribbon Cables
  • Lesson 4: Architecture of Motherboard & CPU Part 1
  • Lesson 5: RAM & Expansion Slots
  • Lesson 6: CPU Part 2 & CPU Sockets
  • Lesson 7: Costing Desktop & POST

  • Research and Study on Solid State Drive
  • Research and Study on Thunder Bolt
  • Research and Study on Advantages of Desktop Over Laptop
  • Research and Study on m-Sata
  • Research and Study on M.2
  • Research and Study on Motherboard Form Factor
  • Differences Between Hard Disk Drive and Solid State Drive
  • Introduction to Chasis Standard
  • Differences Between Desktop and Laptop
  • Differences Between CPU and GPU
  • Introduction to PCI Express
  • Introduction to Intel Ultrapath Interconnect (UPI)
  • MLC vs SLC: Which flash SSD is right for you?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Accelerate Processing Unit