Computer Network Configuration & Troubleshoot + Computer Network Cabling

Computer Network Configuration & Troubleshoot + Computer Network Cabling

Computer Network Configuration & Troubleshoot + Computer Network Cabling


Computer Network Configuration & Troubleshoot + Computer Network Cabling
Computer network configuration & troubleshooting + Computer Network Cabling helps you master network fundamentals and apply them in network planning, implementation, support and troubleshooting network for small office home offices and allows you to master basic surface network wiring skills by practising planning, drawing, installing and testing a simple network wiring and network points.


Generic Skills Addressed

Understand, identify and successfully set up, maintain, and troubleshoot a network to its full functionality and understand, plan, draw, and install basic network wiring and can perform testing after the network wiring installation.


Learning Outcome

  • Able to understand and identify the various network device and its function, network infrastructure, planning, designing and troubleshooting a network
  • Able to understand the basic network infrastructure
  • Able to install surface network cabling 
  • Able to install network RJ 45 modules and crimp network RJ 45 connector
  • Able to test network cable after installation


Lesson Outlines

  • Lesson 1: Introduction, Networks cables.
  • Lesson 2: Network Topology
  • Lesson 3: OSI Seven Layer
  • Lesson 4: IP Addressing
  • Lesson 5: Network Naming (DNS)
  • Lesson 6: Ports
  • Lesson 7: Remote Connectivity
  • Lesson 8: Wireless Technology
  • Lesson 9: Network Support
  • Understanding basic network infrastructure 
  • Planning and drawing a basic network diagram
  • Practical – Install network RJ 45 modules and crimp RJ 45 connector
  • Practical – Testing network RJ modules and connector



  • Research and Study on VLAN & IP Design Proposal for SBIT Training Academy 
  • Design IP Range to SBIT Training Academy Department's Requirement
  • Differences Between Wireless Access Point and Wireless Repeater
  • Differences Between LAN and Virtual LAN
  • What is Home Plug / Powerline 
  • What is Routing Protocol
  • Differences Between Dynamic Routing Protocol and Static Routing Protocol
  • Research and Study on POE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • Differences between Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Introduction to 802.11ax
  • Introduction to 5G Network

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