Advanced Server Support II (Level 5)

Advanced Server Support II (Level 5)

Advanced Server Support II (Level 5)

A complete in-depth hands-on on by practising administering, deploy and monitoring network services in server operating system. In addition, exposure and practising on advanced configuration, manage and maintaining a server’s infrastructure.


Generic Skills Addressed

Understand, identify and successfully administer, deploy and monitor network servers to configure advanced configuration on server roles and features.


Learning Outcomes

  • Able to understand, configure and troubleshoot domain name system
  • Able to understand and implement group policy infrastructure
  • Able to manage user and service accounts
  • Able to understand and configure network access services such as Direct Access, VPN, NPS and NAP
  • Able to understand and configure iSCSI, FSRM and BranchCache
  • Able to understand and configure DAC to manage and audit access to shared files
  • Able to understand and implement fail-over clustering and Network Load Balancer
  • Able to understand, implement and configure active directory certificate services


Lesson Outlines

  • Lesson 1: Configure and Manage Group Policy
  • Lesson 2: Configure DNS
  • Lesson 3: Configure and Manage AD
  • Lesson 4: Manage File Services
  • Lesson 5: Manage and Maintain Servers
  • Lesson 6: Configure Routing and Remote Access
  • Lesson 7: Configure Network Policy Server
  • Lesson 8: Configure File and Storage Solutions
  • Lesson 9: Configure and Manage High Availability
  • Lesson 10: Implement Business Continuity and Disaster
  • Lesson 11: Configure Advanced Network Services
  • Lesson 12: Configure Active Directory Infrastructure
  • Lesson 13: Configure Access and Information Protection