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Academic Training

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Academic Training Prof. Diploma in Software Engineering (Programming) Diploma in Information Technology

Academic Training

Learning Objectives
  • The Academic Training is for the trainee to demonstrate what has been learnt in all the modules, to apply the knowledge and skills in developing software application as a demo project to be presented to the internal client (school)
  • The trainee will learn the proper process of managing a software project, to plan, design, code, and deploy the software application using SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) methodology with project documentation
  • The trainee will also learn about working culture and ethics, to adjust to the working environment and adhere to the rules and regulations of the employee (academic body / school) as if they are an employee, such as reporting to work on time, writing reports, perform tasks assigned, etc.  They will also research and learn about new technology in software engineering


Plan and Develop a Software Application
Documenting the Software Development Process
Meeting and Reporting
Demo/Presenting the Software Application
To develop a demo project based on what the trainee has learnt in the modules to demonstrate their knowledge and skills

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