SBIT Training Academy (SBIT Training Sdn Bhd), formerly known as Skill Based IT Training, is a Vocational College regulated by the Malaysian Government based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. SBIT Training Academy is an education platform that provides IT knowledge, skill, technique and professional action learning for all ages.
In 1997, our founder and principal, Dr Stephen Ong, started the business as a computer reseller and part-time trainer in a PC assembling course. During the part-time trainer period, Dr Stephen Ong noticed the importance of IT knowledge and skill. So, in 2004, Dr Stephen Ong decided to become a full-time trainer and operate a training centre named Skill Based IT Training which specialized in training IT knowledge and skills. In 2010, it was officially regulated by the Malaysia Government and announced that it renamed the training centre SBIT Training Academy.
To fulfil the student and market needs, SBIT offers courses in Professional Certificate, Professional Diploma, Professional Degree, etc. Multiple levels and cross-discipline design SBIT courses. Our partners constantly update us on the latest market information and skill, which allow us to keep our courses up to date. With this, our trainer/lecturer can effectively bring the latest action learning courses to guide the student in skill development and reduce rote learning.
We accept 16 years old students to enrol on our fundamental courses and welcome the student who doesn’t like rote learning to come and join SBIT Training Academy to experience our teaching philosophy – Technique/skill before the exam. Compared with the student from other higher education institutes, this method allows the student to obtain an effective learning outcome and quickly adapt to the working environment. Moreover, in SBIT Training Academy, the student can get a Degree within a shorter period. Thus, it helps the student to secure competitiveness in the market.