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Professional Diploma in IT Support (Study Year: 2022) & SBIT Training Sdn Bhd
My intention is straightforward. I want to learn IT or computer skills so that I can land a good foundation when I go to work in society. I found that no matter what kind of business you do in this technological era, you will need a computer. For example, some small and medium-sized enterprises need to use Servers and Networks. So, I want to apply the computer knowledge I have learned to work to have a professional job position and a stable income in the future.

At first, my parents were worried that I would go to school and sleep every day as I did in secondary school. But after about two (2) weeks, my parents' concerns are unnecessary. Because at SBIT Training Academy, the lecturer made the content of the class very vivid and easy to understand. Therefore, I recommend students looking for a college enroll in the IT courses offered by SBIT Training Academy.

SBIT Training Sdn Bhd
Study Course: Professional Diploma in IT Support (Graduation Year: 2022) & SBIT Training Sdn Bhd
2020 will have a profound impact on most students. During my studies, I faced multiple MCOs. I also have many friends who took classes at other universities or colleges and were forced to suspend their studies when the pandemic hit in 2020. However, SBIT Training Academy can still conduct online classes as usual without delaying the progress of students' courses! At that time, many people asked me how I could take online courses without a PC and course equipment? Do you have to dismantle your PC to practice?

Fortunately, the college has sent all the course equipment to my home at all costs so that I can practice and take classes at home without going out with peace of mind and safety. It kept me safe at home and also allowed me to finish my studies at the same time.

Secondly, whenever I am surfing social media, I find that many people cannot go out due to the MCO, are unemployed, and stay at home. But I am very fortunate that under the implementation of the MCO, I can take this opportunity to learn a lot of skills and IT knowledge and improve myself! Not only that, but under the guidance of my lecturer and the influence of my classmates, I gradually became more certain about my future development goals.

SBIT Training Sdn Bhd
Graduation Course: Professional Diploma in IT Support (Study Year: January 2020) & SBIT Training Sdn Bhd
I have encountered the epidemic shortly after I enrolled in the course. The goverment announced the first MCO, which made me worried that I could not complete my studies.

However, SBIT not only didn't affect my studies, but their education method made me truly understand that IT is not about studying ony, but about doing more and learning more. In this way, I can master a lot of IT knowledge and technology. In addition, I feel that I have learned a lot form studying at SBIT. During the MCO, regardless of the problems encountered in the learning of online classes or physical classes, the instructors and classmates were very enthusiastic to help me, especially my instructors Mr.David and Mr.Steven.

I am also very grateful to Dr. Stephen Ong, who encourage me to study during the epidemic, and Terrance and LikMei who helped me find a suitable internship company. Under the recommendation of Terrance and LikMei, I was also directly hired as a long-term employee by Strateq Oil & Gas Sdn.Bhd., allow me able to complete my studies.

SBIT Training Sdn Bhd
Professional Diploma in Software Engineering (Graduation Year: December 2016) & SBIT Training Sdn Bhd
I feel very happy because getting help from the committee and I am able to get the course I want. In addition, for the student who applied for SBIT loan must stay back to serve the academy after class. From there, I learned a lot. For example, Terrance taught me Adobe Illustrator skill, Principal personally trains me and guide me presentation skill, even authorized me to create academy’s web pages, and requested lecturer teaches me extra.

In addition, management gave me an opportunity to create a website and online it without my expectation. I never thought if I can manage to do it because I just join the 2 month class, I am worried my learning skills are still not good enough strong. However, Terrance and Principal gave me a lot help and idea to assist in creating the website. Because of this website, I am able to build a good foundation in HTML and CSS. I still remember once, I can’t website function due to I haven’t attended the respective subject class. Management didn’t keep reminding me, but is only let me to brainstorm how to do it. I did a lot of research, I feel satisfied when the moment I did it. I really appreciated management gave me the opportunity to learn so many things within this year. Thank you.

SBIT Training Sdn Bhd
Diploma in IT Support & Professional Degree in IT Management (Graduation Year: 2014) & SBIT Training Sdn Bhd
Before I joined SBIT, I owned a local college diploma. But the fact told me that, with one diploma is not enough. Therefore, I started my study journey again with the learning in technical skill to upgrade my knowledge. These two diplomas reduce the interview problem and increased my self-confidence at the same time. Now, I am no need to worry about jobless, and my friend and family use my lesson as reference as well. Thank you SBIT allowed me to increase my knowledge in different fields. I will keep improving my knowledge and myself in the future.