Temporary Online Learning

SBIT Training Academy Online Learning 3.0, add on “Online Practical” in the courses. Bring you to experience a different online journey! In this Online Learning 3.0, we provided Online Practical, Virtual Practical, Online Theory Class and Online Interview.
At any time, SBIT will often contact partners in the market to obtain what the current market needs. In addition to regularly updating course content, SBIT can also continuously innovate and improve the teaching model. Therefore, our online teaching is keeping pace with the times, and we have cooperated with different international organizations to create a new type of teaching method and launch 'Virtual Lab' together for teaching part of the practical course. Students only need by going online then can use the powerful virtual engine for them to handle and repair simulation exercises with operating system problems.

Simply, it is to be troubleshooting and solves the system through the virtual engine. The teacher will monitor and guide the students so that the students will continue to practice and master at the same time!
Temporary online teaching adopts comprehensive online learning 3.0, after MCO, students can choose the dual learning mode. You can either return to the college to complete your studies or choose to continue online learning.
Temporary Online Learning is available in: 
1. Professional Diploma in IT Support
2. Professional Diploma in Software Engineering

1. Online Practical
During the MCO, SBIT adopted a unique online practice teaching method, even at the high cost of allowing students to bring all the learning equipment home to be like classroom teaching in the college. With the equipment provided, students can practice online and doing the practical with their trainer.

In addition, SBIT also provides students with web cameras and cameras stand so that the trainer can interact more with students and know the progress of students' skill learning during online classes by providing effective practical guidance and instruction. Therefore, during the MCO, the student's academic progress is not affected much, and they can graduate successfully within the course duration.

2. Virtual Practical


During the MCO, to allow students to study high-end server and network-connected homework at home, SBIT adopted a powerful ''Virtual Lab'' created by an international technology certification body to help trainers teach online virtual practicals. Allow students to master and complete high-end server and online homework in online virtual practical.

Therefore, during the MCO, the student's academic progress has not been significantly affected. The students can graduate successfully after mastering and practicing the technical skills required by the market within the course duration.

3. Online Theory Class
During the SBIT online class, we will also ensure that we can maintain at least 50% of the interaction between the students and the trainers because the interaction can improve students' attention and make them less distracted. Not only that, our trainers will use online quizzes to increase students' interest in learning and ensure that students can master it. It also allows trainers to know whether online teaching is up to standard and can adjust the most appropriate teaching methods to help students from time to time.

Once the teaching method is correct, both active and passive students can ask questions about the classroom knowledge during the question-and-answer time without hindrance. Such a successful teaching method of ''high achievement with easy learning'' allows students to come to online classes easily and will enable students to successfully graduate within the specified course duration without being affected by the epidemic during the MCO.

4. Online Interview
Under the influence of the epidemic, all industries have reduced the hiring of new people. SBIT students can also use SBIT's original ''Online Learning 3.0'' to help students complete courses and arrange student internship positions within the course duration under severe epidemic conditions. Not only that, before students are allowed to interview, they have to attend our unique interview training program. Our trainers will help students with their resumes, interview rehearsals, enhance students' question-answering skills and other interview skills.
We believe that their chances of being accepted by major companies will also increase after students attend this course. During the MCO, in order not to delay students' graduation progress and help graduates arrange jobs, under our team arrangement, students can also interview with the employers through online video conferences. As a result, many students can also get hired under the recommendation of SBIT. This interview training program is entirely in line with the teaching method of ''high achievement with easy learning.''