15 Jul 2021
Under the influence of the epidemic, all industries have reduced the hiring of new people. SBIT students can also use SBIT's original "Online Learning 3.0" to help students complete courses and arrange student internship positions within the course duration under severe epidemic conditions. Not only that, before students are allowed to interview, they have to attend our unique interview training program. Our trainers will help students with their resumes, interview rehearsals, enhance students' question-answering skills and other interview skills. We believe that their chances of being accepted by major companies will also increase after students attend this course. During the MCO, in order not to delay students' graduation progress and help graduates arrange jobs, under our team arrangement, students can also interview with the employers through online video conferences. As a result, many students can also get hired under the recommendation of SBIT. This interview training program is entirely in line with the teaching method of "high achievement with easy learning."