16 Set of Software Engineering Skills

🔺 It is competent for #beginners.
You will learn in the subject #Software Engineering:
✅ How to make a mobile application ( Mobile APP)
✅ Learn to make mini-games
✅ Create a webpage
✅ Make the webpage functional (e.g., Buy a movie ticket / book flying tickets / data storage)
This course will begin with HTML + CSS3, JavaScript + jQuery, Bootstrap, C# Object-Oriented Programming, C# & PHP Programming, MYSQL + PHP and Mobile App. Step by step, lead you and build your future career. The graduation rate for this course is almost 100%. The student will be graduated and start working after one year of study.
In SBIT, there is no academic entry requirement. 16 years old or above can enrol in Professional Diploma in Software Engineering.
✅ You can now choose #OnlineClass or #PhysicalClass. So hurry up and contact our experienced chief course counsellor @ 012- 3537637 to find out which study plan is suitable for you!
New intake dates in 2022 are as follows:
New Intake: 
1. Professional Diploma in IT Support   - 【 20/06/2022 】
2. Professional Diploma in Software Engineering  
- 【 05/05/2022 】
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28 Apr 2022