2023 - New Intake for IT Courses

Are you hesitant right now? Need to know which courses to apply for? Play games, surf social media every day, and escape from reality?
A bad SPM result doesn't mean you can't succeed! You can get a good result. It's that you can't get it this time only.
Do you know? Even if the SPM result is unsatisfactory, you can still apply for the Professional Diploma courses. The IT courses provided by SBIT have a variety of subjects to choose from and skills currently in high demand in the market. As a result, the employment rate after graduation is as high as 96%. !
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In the past 27 years, our academy has cultivated many IT talents, and its graduation success rate has reached 98%! 🔴 
And there are no requirements needed. You only need to be 16 years old to apply!  🔴
📢 Register now to enjoy up to #RM5000 course fees rebate! There are limited seats! So hurry up and contact our experienced chief course counselor @ 012- 3537637 to find out which study plan is suitable for you!
New intake dates in 2023 are as follows:
New Intake: 
1. Professional Diploma in #IT #Support   - 【25/04/2023 】
2. Professional Diploma in #Software #Engineering - 【15/05/2023 】

Don't miss this opportunity!
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19 Apr 2023