Professional Diploma in Software Engineering - Pick up the Programming skills)

"Is there still a chance to go to higher education after failing the SPM?"
Of course, at SBIT, you not only have the opportunity to experience the teaching concept of "high achievement with easy learning" but also can choose local private universities and an American International certificate, which will give you an advantage in job hunting abroad or domestically!
This Professional Diploma in Software Engineering course will teach students to master programming skills to meet customers' software needs so that students can master programming skills in an easier learning method. It is more acceptable to the market after graduation.
In the past 27 years, our academy has cultivated many IT talents, and its graduation success rate has reached 98%! 🔴
And there are no requirements needed. You only need to be 16 years old to apply! 🔴
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New intake dates in 2023 are as follows:
New Intake:
1. Professional Diploma in
#IT #Support - 【26/06/2023 】
2. Professional Diploma in
#Software #Engineering - 【15/05/2023 】
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28 Apr 2023