What is Professional Diploma in IT Support?

What will you learn in the Professional Diploma in IT Support?
In this IT course, we must understand what IT Support is. In this era, it is almost inseparable from computers or technological equipment. Therefore, the IT Support industry is gaining more and more attention from the market. According to the Cambridge Dictionary Online, IT support is a team or department of people in a company or organization that provides technical assistance to people with computer systems problems. Even IT Support needs to provide users with answers to problems they may encounter.

In the workplace or marketplace, job duties for IT support also include equipment setup, installation, and configuration. It plays an essential and irreplaceable role in the high-tech era because whenever a computer technical problem is encountered, often only technical support specialists with relevant knowledge and skills can solve the computer problem.

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SBIT Training Academy's Professional Diploma in IT Support was launched in cooperation with two universities and government agencies at home and abroad. They are Global University for Lifelong Learning in the United States, Linton University College in Malaysia, and Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran Malaysia (JPK) to provide students with better technical and vocational education. Since 2009, this course has provided an endless supply of specialized and technical personnel to the workplace.

Internet usage in Malaysia 2013 to 2028 - statista.com

Do you know? According to data on Internet usage in Malaysia, the number of users has almost doubled in ten years from 2013 to 2023 and is expected to continue to increase. From this data, we can see how high the market’s requirements for information technology are. Therefore, students who enroll in IT courses will have different careers in the future.

What are the jobs for graduates of the Professional Diploma in IT Support?
In the workplace, IT support is more than just solving IT and computer problems or providing questions and answers about technology. IT support services also include highly skilled expertise in optimizing network performance and preventing cyber-attacks. With the latest technology and their support, we can fully unleash the network's potential, improve employee office efficiency, and protect the company's precious digital assets.

IT Engineer

In addition to being responsible for setting up, installing, configuring, and maintaining network equipment, IT support staff can also manage or troubleshoot servers in large enterprises or as small as a laptop at home. 

According to The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), The most common IT support responsibilities include:
  1. Troubleshooting and resolving IT issues
  2. Providing technical assistance to employees
  3. Updating and maintaining company systems and networks
  4. Installing and configuring software
  5. Managing user access permissions and credentials
  6. Rolling out patches and updates
  7. Procuring and provisioning devices
  8. Assisting with data backup and recovery

They can also proactively monitor equipment performance to avoid downtime caused by equipment failure. It can also help companies develop disaster recovery and backup plans. Therefore, IT support is an essential and indispensable department required for the continued operation of a company or enterprise.

26 Dec 2023