Prof. Degree in Software Engineering

Professional Degree in Software Engineering

Prof. Degree in Software Engineering

Course Overview
This programme is for those who have a diploma, currently working, or have qualified through our admission test.  It is for those who intend to pursue a professional career path in software engineering, to obtain employment and to further advance their knowledge and skills in the workplace.

It is catered for individuals currently working in IT, seeking to enhance their software development knowledge and skills in their current IT role. It is designed for those who have keen interest and are passionate about software development, as well as IT Personnel who wish to upgrade their software engineering expertise.

One will learn about advanced concepts, key terms, theories, and practical usage of software development related tools, as well as applying the knowledge and skills in software development. 

Individuals who have programming experience and are interested in software development can benefit from this by further enhancing their software engineering skills and knowledge.

This will allow the individual to contribute advanced skills to an IT team and benefit from this by aligning their work with software-related projects.

As a result, the individual who demonstrates such skills and knowledge will be able to enjoy advancement in their career path towards more senior positions such as team lead, system analyst, project manager, etc.

Course Professional Degree in Software Engineering
Intake December, March
Mode of Study
Monday to Friday except for Public Holidays
Certificate Body Global University for Lifelong Learning (GULL), USA
Entry Requirements

SBIT Diploma Graduate
  • Our lecturers will evaluate students' abilities in 3 basic subjects. Students must obtain at least 70 marks or above in all three basic subjects' exams to be recommended by the lecturers.
Non-SBIT Diploma Graduate

  • 21 years old above with related Diploma level and working in programming field.
  • If students do not have any Diploma certification, they MUST take a Professional Diploma in Software Engineering to qualify.
Course Module
1. Softskill I - Action Learning and Learning Style
2. Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals - Python
3. Machine Learning Fundamentals - Python
4. Cyber Security
5. Database System - MS SQL
6. Programming Fundamentals III - Java
7. Project Management
8. Software Testing
9. Advanced Web Application Design II - React JS and React Native
10. Software Project and Thesis
11. Softskill II - Interview Training Program
12. Internship Training Program
13. Industry Training
Career Prospects

Computer Programmer
Web Developer
Software Engineering
System Developer
Mobile Application Developer - Android
Mobile Application Developer - iOS
Data Analysis
Backend Developer
Full-Stack Developer

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