Wai Kar Yee

Student Name: Wai Kar Yee
Graduation Course: Professional Diploma in IT Support
Study Year: 
September 2020
From: Pahang

Before enrolling in the SBIT course, I studied Accounting. However, after graduating, I found that I was also very interested in the IT field, so with the recommendation of my family, in 2020, I enrolled in the Professional Diploma in IT Support at SBIT Training Academy.
2020 will have a profound impact on most students. During my studies, I faced multiple MCOs. I also have many friends who took classes at other universities or colleges and were forced to suspend their studies when the pandemic hit in 2020. However, SBIT Training Academy can still conduct online classes as usual without delaying the progress of students' courses! At that time, many people asked me how I could take online courses without a PC and course equipment? Do you have to dismantle your PC to practice?
Fortunately, the college has sent all the course equipment to my home at all costs so that I can practice and take classes at home without going out with peace of mind and safety. It kept me safe at home and also allowed me to finish my studies at the same time.
Secondly, whenever I am surfing social media, I find that many people cannot go out due to the MCO, are unemployed, and stay at home. But I am very fortunate that under the implementation of the MCO, I can take this opportunity to learn a lot of skills and IT knowledge and improve myself! Not only that, but under the guidance of my lecturer and the influence of my classmates, I gradually became more certain about my future development goals.
Therefore, I highly recommend my friends and others to take IT courses at SBIT Training Academy because the lecturers here will teach each student carefully and ensure that each student has solid IT knowledge and skills before graduation!