Grace Chong

Student Name: Grace Chong
Graduation Course: Professional Diploma in Software Engineering
Graduation Year:
December 2016
Graduation Age: 21
From: Negeri Sembilan

I was originally a STPM graduate. However, due to my poor result, I am not qualified to apply the university’s IT course. Thru the introduced from relative, I found out SBIT offered a shorter period software diploma course. And I had made a quick decision to continue my study at SBIT after I understand more about the course.
In the beginning, I get to know SBIT’s syllabus is focused more on major subjects and not included those minor subjects. With this, it allows me to more focus in my study. However, due to my family is having financial problem, if I decided to continue my study, I will become a burden to my family. Luckily SBIT had offered loans to the student, and person in charge advised me to apply it.
Soon, I’ve been informed that the loan I had applied is approved. However, the monthly payment is still high for my family. At the same time, my mother was sick. I informed the person in charge regarding my current situation. With this, he arranged my mother and me to have a meeting with Principal to explain my family issue. After the discussion, the committee agreed to adjust my tuition fee to the lowest rate. So that I can focus on my study without any pressure and burden.
I feel very happy because getting help from the committee and I am able to get the course I want. In addition, for the student who applied for SBIT loan must stay back to serve the academy after class. From there, I learned a lot. For example, Terrance taught me Adobe Illustrator skill, Principal personally trains me and guide me presentation skill, even authorized me to create academy’s web pages, and requested lecturer teaches me extra.

To serve the academy, in the beginning, management arranges me to key in  the student’s information. After that because of student card and name card preparation, Terrance arranged me to in charge student’s headshots, and taught me to use Adobe Illustrator to edit student name card. Because of no editing photo experience in previous, I have no idea to operate Adobe Illustrator. Through the guidance from Terrance, I am able to operate it well and the name card basic editing is not an issue for me. Within a year, I had assisted in 3 batches student’s name cards. Besides, Terrance also allowed me to do name card printing cost comparison. With this, I had learned how making phone call to make inquiry. Apart from that, Terrance taught me to differentiate card types and Lim taught me making offline order.
In addition, management gave me an opportunity to create a website and online it without my expectation. I never thought if I can manage to do it because I just join the 2 month class, I am worried my learning skills are still not good enough strong. However, Terrance and Principal gave me a lot help and idea to assist in creating the website. Because of this website, I am able to build a good foundation in HTML and CSS. I still remember once, I can’t website function due to I haven’t attended the respective subject class. Management didn’t keep reminding me, but is only let me to brainstorm how to do it. I did a lot of research, I feel satisfied when the moment I did it. I really appreciated management gave me the opportunity to learn so many things within this year. Thank you.